Advantages of working at Marché Bonichoix

Marché Bonichoix offers stimulating work in a friendly environment with great work conditions.

An established, innovative company

Marché Bonichoix is a food industry leader:

  • More than 30 years of history and passion
  • Over 1,500 employees
  • A member of The Joy of Eating Better movement that encourages consumers to eat better

Flexible hours

Marché Bonichoix offers schedules adapted to your needs and availability:

  • Full-time positions
  • Part-time positions
  • Temporary positions

Stimulating teamwork

At Marché Bonichoix, we prioritize teamwork:

  • Integration and training program for new employees
  • A pleasant, warm work environment
  • A shared commitment to attaining objectives

Opportunities for advancement

Whether you're looking for a career or a temporary job, Marché Bonichoix is the ideal place to perfect your skills.

And we offer outstanding opportunities for advancement.

Each Marché Bonichoix store reflects the passion of its owner and advantages may vary from one establishment to another. However, you will find our commitment to quality and The Joy of Eating Better in all stores.