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Apple & Raspberry Crisp
Apricot - and pecan- stuffed pork tenderloin with spicy chocolate sauce
Asian beef and shrimp stir-fry
Asian-style beef meatballs
Asian-style beef stir-fry
Bacon breakfast pizza
Bacon-wrapped chicken breasts with spinach stuffing
Jambon rôti à la moutarde, à l’érable et à la muscade
Baked ham glazed with mustard, maple syrup, and nutmeg
Banana-coconut cake
Assortiment de grillades et de légumes
Barbecue Mixed Grill & Veggies
Barbecued ham and arugula pizza
Barbecued Parmesan Mussels
Barbecued salmon fillets with tzatziki sauce
Barbecued surf and turf with garlic butter
Confiture de fraises et d’ananas au parfum de basilic
Basil-scented strawberry and pineapple jam
BBQ pork ribs and rustic applesauce
Beef and chicken quesadillas
Beef and shrimp pho
Beef bourguignon
Beef medallions with creamy mushroom sauce
Beef stew with three-cheese ravioli
Mijoté de boeuf au thym
Beef stew with thyme
Beef Stroganoff
Beef tournedos and veggies on a baking sheet
Beer and herb pork chops
Beer and sausage pilaf
Beer can chicken
Beet soup
Berry cream pie
Black forest cake with berries
Blade roast with red wine and root vegetables
Blade roast with red wine and root vegetables
Boeuf teriyaki et brocoli
Boulettes aigres-douces à l’ananas
Boulettes aigres-douces à l’ananas
Salade de boucles au pesto de roquette
Bow Tie Pasta Salad with Arugula Pesto
Braised Whole Chicken
Brie-, pear- and walnut-stuffed pork tenderloin
Butternut squash soup
Cabbage rolls
California Salad
Nachos sur feu de camp
Campfire nachos
Salsa aux tomates en conserve
Canned tomato salsa
Caramelized leek and potato soup
Caramelized leek and potato soup
Cauliflower & apple soup
Cheese bread
Burgers de fromage en grains sur pain brioché
Cheese Curd Beef Burgers on Brioche Buns
Cheese curd burgers
Cheese curd burgers
Chicken Chinese fondue broth
Chicken cocktail skewers with two types of pesto, dried fruit, and almonds
Chicken Drumsticks and Zesty Homemade Barbecue Sauce
Chicken minestrone soup
Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf
Chicken shish taouk wrap with herbed yogurt sauce
Chicken souvlaki
Chicken Vol-au-vent
Chicken with grilled honeydew melon and cucumber salsa
Chicken with peanut sauce power bowl
Chicken, spinach, and mushroom cannelloni
Chili con carne
Chili dogs with baby potato and green bean salad
Chocolate cheesecake
Chocolate-cranberry pie
Christmas kiss
Classic Beef Braise
Classic Pepperoni-topped Lasagna
Côtes levées au cola
Cola-braised pork ribs & sweet potato mash
Coquilles Saint-Jacques
Côtes levées à l’ail
Côtes levées à l’ail
Couscous, asparagus, tomato & feta salad
Cranberry & orange jelly roll
Cranberry-rosemary pork roast with spinach
Creamy corn and crab-flavoured dip
Crunchy chocolate and peanut bites
Crusty bread with mushrooms & OKA cheese
Decadent chocolate bundt cake
Deluxe French toast
Dinner Omelettes
Pizzas margherita
Double Cheese Classic Margherita Pizza
European-style hot dogs
Family-size Oka cheese sandwich
Festive berry trifle
Field cucumber relish
Filet de saumon à l’aneth et au citron
French onion roast
Fritz Raclette Cheese with Shrimp and Sour Cream
Fruity Chicken Salad
Garlic spare ribs
Gâteau aux bananes et à la noix de co
Gâteau aux bananes et à la noix de coco
Gâteau suprême choco-moka
Gâteau suprême choco-moka
General Tao chicken
Ghostly fruit
Glazed Ham with Cranberries and Rosemary
Glazed ham with cranberries and rosemary
Glazed ham with cranberries and rosemary
Goat cheese mini pizzas
Goat cheese mini pizzas
Grapefruit-Raspberry Mocktail
Greek salad
Greek-Style Chicken Sandwich
Greek-style pasta salad
Grilled beef tournedos and warm potato and shrimp salad
Grilled Chicken with Quick Lemon and Herb Sauce
Grilled T-bone steaks topped with warm brie and bruschetta
Grilled Zima tomato and cheese brochettes
Halloween carrot cake
Ham and maple quiche
Ham tourtière
Ham, spinach, and tomato quiche
Healthy chocolate loaf
Soupe-repas au boeuf et aux légumes
Hearty beef & vegetable soup
Gravlax de saumon aux herbes, yogourt grec à la moutarde à l’ancienne et au citron
Herb salmon gravlax with lemon and old-style mustard Greek yogurt
Holiday cheese fondue
Hollandaise sauce
Honey and two-mustard pork Tenderloin
Honey-mustard pork chops & vegetables
Honey-roasted root vegetables
Italian beef meatballs
Italian-style soup
La Raclette Du Village Cheese with Sausage
Leek and potato soup
Lemon-dill Salmon Fillet
Lemon, Honey and Rosemary Turkey
Linguine primavera
Linguine with salmon sauce
Lobster bisque
Longe de porc aux dattes et au cheddar vieilli
Longe de porc aux dattes et au cheddar vieilli
Macaroni and cheese with salmon
Macaroni and cheese with spinach and sausage
Maple & orange glazed half pork loin with cheesy mashed potatoes
Maple BBQ pork ribs
Maple beef bourguignon with parsnips
Maple syrup fondue
Maple-glazed salmon
Meat Tacos
Meatball stew
Meatloaf with vegetables
Mediterranean-rubbed chicken with fall ratatouille
Mediterranean-rubbed chicken with spring ratatouille
Mediterranean-style pasta
Mediterranean-style White Fish
Melt-in-your-mouth brownie in a mug for two
Mexican guacamole and salsa duo
Salade mexicaine dans un bol
Mexican salad in a bowl
Mexican-style chicken brochettes
Mini Strawberry Shortcakes
Mini-pizzas au chèvre
Mini-pizzas au chèvre
Multilayer dip
Mushroom-crusted roast beef
Mushroom, bacon, and spinach crepes
Croque-matin au saumon fumé
Open-faced smoked salmon breakfast sandwich
Gâteau à l’orange et aux framboises
Orange Raspberry Cake
Osso buco with olives
Pains de viande au poulet et au parmesan
Pasta & broccoli Alfredo au gratin
Pâtes Alfredo aux crevettes
Pasta Alfredo with shrimp
Soupe aux pois et au jambon à l’ancienne
Pea soup with old-fashioned ham
Pear dumplings in maple syrup
Pecan-cranberry chicken breasts with creamy pepper sauce
Pennes au poulet et au pesto
Penne with chicken & pesto
Pennine with cheese and European sausage
Philly submarine sandwich
Phyllo-topped chicken pot pie
Picnic sandwich
Pineapple-maple ham
Pommes de terre rôties « accordéon »
Pommes de terre rôties « accordéon »
Pork burgers with caramelized onions
Pork chops topped with crème OKA
Pork cretons
Pork loin with dates and aged cheddar
Pork loin with dates and aged cheddar
Pork loin with dates and aged cheddar
Pork roast braised with bell peppers
Pork roast with apples
Pork tenderloin stuffed with cheese, pears & walnuts
Cuisses de poulet à la portugaise, salade d’herbettes et yogourt assaisonné
Portuguese-style chicken legs with herb salad and seasoned yogurt
Pouding chômeur with beer
Poulet grillé et sauce express au citron et aux herbes
Poutine hamburgers
Prosciutto and arugula pizza
Pulled beef tortillas
Pulled pork burgers
Pulled pork pizza
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Queen Elizabeth Cake
Quick cassoulet
Rack of pork with apples and nuts
Raclette Du Village à la saucisse
Raclette fritz aux crevettes et à la crème sure
Red sangria summer sipper
Red wine and Rosemary pot roast
Red Wine Bouillon for Fondue
Red-nosed reindeer punch
Roast beef with cranberries
Roast turkey cordon bleu
Pommes de terre rôties « accordéon »
Roasted “accordion” potatoes
Roasted salmon with ginger, orange, and tomato salsa
Salade de fruits d’été
Salmon & cheddar burger
Salmon Florentine lasagna
Salmon pie
Salmon pie
Salmon ring
Salmon tartare with crunchy cabbage and spicy mayo from Geneviève Everell
Salmon with dill and chickpea & spinach sauté
Biftecks de faux-filet Santa Fe
Santa Fe Rib-Eye Steaks
Sausage stuffed peppers
Saucisses pommes et egumes sur une plaque
Sausages, apples, and vegetables on a baking sheet
Gratin de pommes de terre
Scalloped potatoes
Seafood and trout lasagna
Shallot potato patties
Shrimp & Brie appetizers
Shrimp and Mango Salsa over Guacamole
Sandwichs au bifteck de surlonge
Sirloin Steak Sandwiches
Slow cooker honey-Dijon pulled chicken burgers
Slow-cooked beef and harvest vegetables
Smoked meat pizza
Sole Dijonnaise with cauliflower purée
Souvlaki pitas with tzatziki
Spaghetti squash with tomatobasil sauce and meatballs
Spaghetti Squash-Stuffed Peppers
Spareribs with blonde beer sauce
Potage épicé aux carottes
Spiced Carrot Soup
Spiced walnut & almond granola
Biftecks de côte façon steakhouse, beurre citron-aneth et asperges grillées
Steak House-Style Rib Steak & Lemon Dill Butter with Grilled Asparagus
Steelhead trout and pesto en papillote
Strawberry-chocolate clafoutis
Strawberry-lime shortcake with mascarpone cream
Gâteau garni de fraises et de mascarpone miel-citron
Strawberry-Topped Cake with Honey-Lemon Mascarpone
Summer Fruit Salad
Surf ‘n turf: T-bone steak and scampi
Surf and turf with veggies in a packet and chimichurri sauce
Sweet & sour chicken drumsticks with broccoli
Sweet & sour pineapple meatballs
Sweet & sour pineapple meatballs
Sweet and savoury warm brie duo
Swiss cheese and apple fondue
Taco duo
Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli
Thai-style Cod with Coconut
Three-meat lasagna
Tofu Ratatouille
Tomato pizza
Tortellini alla Gigi from Stefano Faita
Tourtière et garniture de pommes de terre
Tourtière with potato topping
Trio of sandwich sauces
Turkey & apple and ham & asparagus meal crêpe duo
Ultimate Choco-Mocha Cake
Upside down spice cake with pears & caramel
Vegetable and ham quiche
Velouté de poireaux caramélisés et de pommes de terre
Velouté de poireaux caramélisés et de pommes de terre
Warm mandarine and shrimp salad
Trempette chaude aux épinards et aux artichauts
Warm spinach and artichoke dip
Salade de melon d’eau
Watermelon Salad
Poulet entier au sirop d’érable et à l’orange avec brocoli au sésame cuits au four
Whole chicken with orange-maple glaze and baked sesame broccoli
Yogurt Pops
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