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Owner for 37 years

14 attentive employees

In the food sector since the age of 21

Although it was his grandfather who launched the grocery store in 1921, Junior was not predestined to making a career in the grocery business. After the death of his uncle, who was the store owner, he decided to take over the family business at the age of 21. With the basics in accounting and management, he made what he calls “the best decision” of his life.


Everyone is Part of the Family.

Junior is very proud of his store, not least of all because the values he inherited from his predecessors are still alive in his grocery business. He hopes that his grandfather’s way of running the business will continue for many years to come, now that his own son is involved in running the store.
The family values are also evident in the approach that Junior and his son have with their customers. This proximity to the customers was even one of the primary prerequisites for hiring staff, who are still employed at the store after many years. Junior believes that listening to people and, above all, taking into account their needs is essential. It’s a priority at all times.

Rooted in the Community

After getting involved in the local minor hockey league, Junior realized that there was a cause where he could have an even greater impact. That’s why he supports low-income families, by helping Maison Parent-Aise, for instance. Marché Forest et fils also prepares bags for the annual food drive. “At 20 years old, I had no experience in the grocery trade. One year later, I became the owner of the store. Serving people was my real passion!”

Adapting to Changing Tastes

To meet the ever-changing needs of his customers, Junior has helped the family business evolve. As well as offering larger parking lots to better accommodate new vehicles, he was one of the first to offer ready-to-eat meals to his customers. Some of his recipes are also very famous in the local community, such as his fabulous scallops, which are a hit with his customers!

  • 30 years is the age of everybody’s favourite cretons recipe.
  • 3,000 sq. ft. of extra space were added to the parking lot making it easier for customers to access and exit the store.
  • 100 is the average number of bags prepared for the annual food drive.
  • 1921 is the year the store was built.

Never Change a Winning Recipe

Almost 100 years ago, Junior’s grandfather forged strong links with the local community. Today, the younger generation still aims to continue in this tradition. According to Junior and his son: “Some things just shouldn’t be changed.” For example, their homemade cretons recipe is the same as the one used more than 30 years ago. It’s worth a visit just for that!

A Welcome and Recognized Approach

In 2014, Junior took the decision to expand the business. This decision was not only highly appreciated by his clientele, but was also recognized by the Joliette Chamber of Commerce, which awarded Marché Forest et Fils the grand prize at the 2015 Gala Excelsiors. If you pass by the store and have some time to spare, why not ask to see the trophy? You’ll make Junior’s day! And, as always, he’ll do everything to make your day a good one too.
Would you like to acknowledge one of our employees for their excellent service? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!