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Fondation Olo
Fondation Olo

Fondation Olo

For healthy babies

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Fondation Olo has been committed to the well-being of mothers and their babies since 1991.

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In 2023, $150,000 was raised through checkstand campaigns, supplier donations on selected products and donations of goods and products.

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Your donations help more than 7,000 pregnant women in vulnerable situations every year.

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From March 7th to the 20th, you can support Fondation Olo by purchasing stickers at participating stores!

How to participate

Purchase the stickers for $2 each

Purchase the stickers for $2 each


Make a donation at the cash register

Make a donation at the cash register

What is FondationOlo?

Fondation Olo`s mission is to give all families an equal chance of bringing a healthy baby into the world and adopting healthy eating habits early.

The foundation's action plan takes place over the first 1,000 days of a child's life, a crucial period for development. It offers personalized support for women in need during pregnancy, providing prenatal multivitamins and coupons for healthy food so their babies are born healthy.

To help families adopt healthy eating habits, the foundation provides educational tools and professional advice that encourages three key behaviours: Eating well, cooking, and eating as a family.

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