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Icone d'une mère et son enfant

Helping mother and baby since 1991

Icone de don

In 2022, $150,000 was raised through checkstand campaigns, supplier donations on selected products and donations of goods and products.

Icone d'une famille

Helping 5,000 Quebec families every year

Let’s support the cause together!

From July 20 to August 9, you can support Fondation Olo by purchasing stickers at participating stores!

When you purchase these fun stickers, you’re supporting over 7,000 vulnerable pregnant women each year in Quebec. Thank you for your generosity!

How to participate:

  1. Purchase the stickers for $2 each
    Find a grocery store
  2. Donate at the register

What is Fondation Olo?

Fondation Olo’s mission is to give all families an equal chance of bringing a healthy baby into the world by introducing healthy eating habits early on.

The first 1,000 days in the world are a child’s most cruicial to their owngoing development. So to give our newborns a healthy beginning, Fondation Olo is offering tailored follow-up care to expectant mothers by providing prenatal multivitamins and vouchers. The foundation also aims to help families adopt healthier eating habits by providing educational tools and professional advice that encourage three key behaviours: eating well, cooking at home and enjoying a family meal.

Each year, the Foundation reaches more than 7,000 pregnant women. Since 1991, it has helped over 250,000 babies throughout Quebec come into the world in better health.

How do Les Marchés Tradition and Marché Bonichoix stores support Fondation Olo?

Les Marchés Tradition and Marché Bonichoix stores have been involved with Fondation Olo since 2016. They have carried out numerous fundraising initiatives each year with the goal of providing a healthier future for babies. Through checkout fundraising, supplier campaigns and countless other local initiatives, our stores play a significant role in the lives of families and their communities and across the province. In 2019, and in recognition of annual donations above $100,000, they became one of Fondation Olo’s Major Partners. Alain Ménard, Senior Vice President, Retail Operations Vice-President, Business Development – Quebec at Sobeys, is also the Chair of the Fondation’s Board of Directors.

How to get involved

Fundraising campaigns across the store network primarily take place in the spring. But you can contribute year-round by contacting your Les Marchés Tradition or Marché Bonichoix store to make a donation, or donate directly online.