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Marché Bonichoix stores are actively involved in the neighbourhoods by supporting the local causes close to all our hearts. Learn more about their efforts here.

The Bonichoix Store Support:

Fondation Olo Logo

How do we make a difference?

Marchés Bonichoix stores have been key supporters of Fondation Olo since 2016. Through multiple fundraising initiatives each year, our goal is to provide safety and health for our future generations.

  • Stop by your neighbourhood store to shop for the cause.
  • We thank you for your support!
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La Guignolée

Each year our stores participate in the La Guignolée food drive. Everyone has the chance to donate, support and contibute to the cause in their own way. So, please, give your care generously and help make a difference in your neighbourhood.

Our Stores Boost Your Neighbourhoods:

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Customers That Are Part of the Family

June 3, 2021
Owners since Fernand: 1994 Sébastien: 2015 16 dedicated employees In the food industry for a total of 61 years It’s definitely not a coinciden...

4 Pro Tips to Prevent Food Waste

September 21, 2020
The best way to prevent food waste is to plan your groceries. Once you’ve bought the food, it’s important to plan how you will use it to avoid having to...

Proudly cultivating a sense of family

September 6, 2019
neighbourhood stories
Owners for 13 years 28 attentive employees Store in business for 50 years For some people, life seems to follow a natural path. For Audrey,...

A close-knit family. A unique grocery store.

June 18, 2019
neighbourhood stories
Owners for 42 years 12 attentive employees In business for 79 years Our hardships often define who we are...

Proud to Serve You for Three Generations

June 3, 2019
Owner for 37 years 14 attentive employees In the food sector since the age of 21 Although it was his grandfather who launched the grocery sto...

Fondation Olo

September 20, 2018
in the community
What is Fondation Olo? Fondation Olo’s mission is to give all families an equal chance of bringing a healthy baby into the world and of introducing the...