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Local flavour never disappoints.

Our grocers are part of the landscape in every corner of the province, and they’re much more than store owners. For them, local goodness is everything. That means they support local producers and give their products pride of place on the shelf. They also know what our customers love and know what it means to run the corner store, a place where the community comes together, events happen, and stories take shape.

Dig in to regional flavours

Each region of our beautiful province has its own distinct flavour. These recipes bring out the best in regional specialties.

Discover Alexandra and Cool Dad local flavours

Curious about where our ambassadors are from? Or maybe you want to know what they likes to cook? You’re in luck, because we bring you to take their local specialties. You might even learn a thing or two about their part of the country!

Goodness from here

Look for this sign!

Want to buy local whenever you can? Look for this sign in our stores and flyers. You’ll discover a wide variety of products you’ll love, sourced from where you live!