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Feeling the call of the great outdoors? To enjoy your camping trip without stressing over your meals, learn how to optimize your cooler and conveniently transport your food.

Simplicity = efficiency

For breakfast, bacon and eggs can be a little complicated! Instead, opt for:

  • Porridge sachets (simply add boiling water);
  • Sliced bread, toasted on the fire.

For lunch and dinner, try:

  • Boneless meat that is pre-chopped and marinated, sausages and whole or frozen fish fillets;
  • Pre-cut veggies, corn, and baby potatoes;
  • Canned legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas). Save them for your last day and prepare a fabulous salad;
  • Canned tuna, salmon, and sardines, which you can add to pasta, salads, and sandwiches for a healthy and filling meal that doesn’t need to be cooked.

For snack and dessert, make these your go-to:

  • Nuts;
  • Cheese;
  • Cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows (after all, it’s summer and you deserve a few treats!).

For a well-packed cooler:

  • Transfer foods from their original container. For example, instead of taking the large jar of pickles, place your desired amount in a smaller dish;
  • Freeze bottles of water and juice. They’ll initially serve as ice packs, and then when they thaw, you can drink them.
  • Freeze as much as your food as possible. Meat and spaghetti sauce will last longer this way and will help keep the cooler cold;
  • Optimize space in the cooler. Choose airtight freezer bags rather than rigid containers that take up more space.

For a cooler that stays cold

  • Place it in the shade;
  • Keep ice packs above your food;
  • Open it as infrequently as possible;
  • Place a thermometer in it to ensure the temperature hovers around 4oC.
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