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Icone d'une famille

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Icone de don

The 2022 campaign is underway! Buy a La Guignolée virtual bag in store

What is La Guignolée food drive?

How are Marché Bonichoix stores involved with the La Guignolée food drive?

Marché Bonichoix has been involved with the La Guignolée food drive for many years. Every year, in November and December, multiple initiatives are rolled-out to collect donations and non-perishable food items directly in our stores. Simply purchase a virtual bag for $10 and we will donate designated Compliments food items to a local organization on your behalf. To thank you, we will give you a holiday bag. This wonderful gesture is made possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of customers and grocers.

Want to get involved?

La Guignolée campaign takes place from November 3 to December 28. Don't hesitate to contribute during your next visit to the store.