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Owners since
Fernand: 1994
Sébastien: 2015

16 dedicated employees

In the food industry for a total of 61 years

It’s definitely not a coincidence that Fernand and Sébastien Daviau are now owners of a Marché Bonichoix. Like his son, Fernand started working for the store when he was a teenager. Both born and bred in Saint-Hugues, the two work together to help nurture the community spirit that prevails in their little corner of paradise.
customers that are part of the family

Customer service the old-fashioned way

Fernand Daviau is practically part of the furniture in his store. He started working there at 15, back in 1973. In those days, he spent most of his time stocking bottles. He still clearly remembers his boss’s values back then that made each customer feel like they were his main priority. Fernand took over as owner in 1994.
Sébastien also started young. At 14, he was a clerk, and it was his turn to witness his father’s commitment as owner to his customers and community. When Sébastien became co-owner with his father, he was already sold on the values pursued by his new partner.

Customer service the old fashioned way

Their kind of local

Most of the customers who come to see Fernand and Sébastien are regulars the owners know on sight. “We even use their nicknames, and that’s exactly how we like it,” explains Fernand. The Daviaus are proud of their family business and make sure everyone feels welcome. They are also very attentive to their customers and don’t hesitate to ask them which products they’d like to find in store. They’re always ready to offer a helping hand to those they call, “the Marché’s extended family.”
“Our grocery store is such an integral part of our corner of the country that a filming team came to shoot our store to promote the region. It was an amazing experience!”

A close-knit community

In addition to taking care of their Marché Bonichoix store, Fernand and Sébastien are very active in the community. Each year, they take part in several regional activities to benefit various age groups including the Food Drive, the recreation committee, and the golf tournament that raises funds for the Saint-Hugues plant. And on top of being a firefighter, Sébastien is also involved in the town school.

  • 2016 Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Chamber of Commerce Gala for the entire RCM
  • 3 months The time it took to open the store after a fire in 1995
  • 2 annual dessert contests under their belt
  • 1893 Year the store was built
  • 1986 Year Marché Bonichoix was opened

A building that’s part of the town’s landscape

The building housing Fernand and Sébastien’s supermarket is not just the pride of its owners, but of the whole town as well. Built in 1893, it’s part of the landscape. When a fire destroyed the store in 1995, few thought they would see it rise again from the ashes. That’s just because they didn’t know either Fernand or the town’s residents very well! Together, they put their shoulders to the wheel and had it up and running within three months. It was very important not to let down their loyal customers!

A building thats part of the towns landscape

Their recipe for success

According to Fernand and Sébastien, there are several ingredients to their recipe for success. For Fernand, it’s their house products and buffets that keep customers coming back for more. For his part, Sébastien is convinced it’s the quality of their meat. If we listen to what the locals say, it’s mostly because the owners are just as much part of the local heritage as their century-old building.
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